Camber Energy, Inc. (NYSE:CEI) Stock: 54.07% Added in 7 Days


In the previous session, 12,886,398 shares of Camber Energy, Inc. (NYSE:CEI) were acquired. The company has a beta of 1.06. The $1.08 per share price level of the firm is currently traded at -$0.06 or -5.26%. This indicates a $25.78 Million market valuation. Compared to $6.5, the 52-week high, the closing price came at a discount worth -501.85%. It indicates a 57.41% of premium from $0.46, Camber Energy’s 52-week low price. The company has traded shares worth 42.54 Million in the past 10 days. This indicates a 7.19 million of average trading value if the period is extended for 3 months.

The average rating assigned by analysts to Camber Energy, Inc. (NYSE:CEI) is ‘sell.’ The mean rating of the company is 0. One analyst has given a ‘sell’ rating to the company. Camber Energy has not been assigned the ratings of ‘overweight,’ ‘hold,’ ‘underweight’, or ‘buy.’ The estimated earnings per share (EPS) of the form for the quarter is $0.

Camber Energy, Inc. (NYSE:CEI)- Trade Analysis

Faced with being red-marked when the company lost -5.26%, Camber Energy, Inc. (NYSE:CEI) has been trading in the green for the past five days. On Thursday, 8th October, the company reached its peak with the shares reaching a price level of $1.43. This added a value of 24.48%. The year-to-date performance of the company has changed to -43.46%. In the last 5 days, it has further changed to 54.07%. In the last 30 days, Camber Energy, Inc. (NYSE:CEI) has recorded a 130.33% performance. 987.28 million shares were sold short. This gives 137.31 days to cover the short interests.

The consensus target price of the company’s stocks estimated by the analysts is $781250. This indicates a 72337863% increase of its current value. According to analysts, $781250 is the low price target of NYSE:CEI, and $781250 is the high price target. If the estimated high price holds, the current value of the company’s stock will rise by +72337863%. If the estimated low price holds, it would mean a 72337863% loss on the current value of the stock.

Camber Energy, Inc. (NYSE:CEI) Forecast

Comparing the previous five years and future five years earnings of the company, it is seen that Camber Energy, Inc. (NYSE:CEI) recorded 0% as the growth rate of annual earnings. The rate of growth of earnings for 2020 is estimated to be -102.1%. When the same is calculated for the next 5 years, the estimate stands at 0%.