Ariana DeBose Has Bagged Another Experience

Ariana DeBose

This is her second time hosting a Broadway show. Ariana DeBose has hosted the 2023 Tony Awards. Perhaps the majority of the industry people didn’t want Ariana to be on that stage at this young age hosting such a prestigious award.

However many Vouched for her to host the show. She further thanked everyone. She was out of words to thank them. The 76th Tony Awards are unscripted thus a lot of moments have happened without an initial idea or plan.

Ariana DeBose Addressed The Unresolved Issue In Hollywood

The president has already addressed this in the White House screening. Ariana DeBose has also addressed this issue on stage. The writers’ strike hasn’t solved it.

Lin-Manuel Miranda was previously set to sing for the 76th Tony Awards. But given the situation that has occurred in Hollywood. She stepped back. She was supposed to write a song for this show. However, after an American writers guild strike happened she stopped working with the production.

The 76th Tony Awards took place at New York City’s United Place. Ariana DeBose made her appearance with an outstanding performance on the stage. In her monologue, she also addressed the national Puerto Rican day. And also the ongoing writers’ strike.

It’s been a struggle for everyone present in that room to give Ariana DeBose that space to talk. She couldn’t thank everyone enough for giving her that space. And to those who have fought for her. Everyone compromised a bit to let her have that space on stage.

Many famous actors like Jessica Chastain, Ben Platt, Brian D’Arcy James, and Samuel L Jackson were present. Many of the above-mentioned names were nominated for Tony awards this year. Ariana DeBose also served as a host at the Tony Awards last year. She was honored to be called back.