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Sunday, November 28, 2021

Arsenal Have Been Showing a Bizarre Amount of Indiscipline for an EPL Team

Arsenal seems to have put themselves in such a fix, that this is turning out to be a nightmare for coach Mikel Arteta. Now, the main problem for the team is fielding 11 players on the ground who can stand each other and play in formation. And displays of such indiscipline were rife in the last game against Southampton, where they could barely scratch a draw.

In this game, Dani Ceballos ended up screaming at the assistant referee after Gabriel was suspended at the 62nd minute. Although one can understand the frustration that is slowly seeping in the team, no one can blame the officials for such an abysmal display in the game. Mikel Arteta has made Arsenal into a team that accrues red cards almost every single game. 

Arsenal’s Woes Never Seem to End

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It is quite depressing to see Arsenal in such a condition after the Spaniard became coach this year. Since then, the Gunners have received 7 red cards, which is twice more than any other team. And what’s the saddest bit in the story, is that they allow themselves to relax and disturb the game- at the very precise moment when they are picking up steam. Even in their game against Southampton, they had to get a red card just after Aubameyang had canceled out Theo Walcott’s goal. 

The belief that they could actually launch a counter-attack quickly fizzled out, for Gabriel got booked twice in four minutes. Incidentally, one of the bookings was a clumsy tackle on Walcott, who was just about to launch a Southampton counter-attack of their own. 

Such as been the state of the club, that Gabriel- one of the best defenders in the club this season- was often shaky, and unsure about his position and gameplay throughout the game. 

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It goes without saying- Arsenal aren’t playing the game that they are known for. With unease creeping through the edges, coupled with inhibitions rising, they are often left confused on the ground. And these can’t happen if they are looking at a top-4 position. 

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