Ashley Greene Gives Birth, Sharing Her First Baby With Husband Paul Khoury

Ashley Greene

The little child of Ashley Greene is here. The 35-year-old “Twilight” actress gave birth to a girl on Friday, marking her and husband Paul Khoury’s first child.

The actor wrote last Monday on her Instagram that everything has changed in her life. She said addressing her newborn that, in a single moment it came to their lives and everything else that was already there simply faded away.

Concluding Her Post She revealed the name of her daughter, Kingsley Rainn Khoury. She confirmed that her daughter taking her husband’s name. Her husband also shared the same story from his profile.

Ashley Green first posted her baby bump in March in which she was gushing over Khoury. She captioned that black and white photo saying that she loves him more than anything she has ever loved and somehow her heart kept expanding to love him more. She then wrote that she cannot wait to watch him share his light.

Ashley Greene Has Had Her First Child With Husband Paul Khoury:

Paul Khoury, the poker commentator thanked his wife Ashley Greene thanked his wife for gifting him the best gift of all. He write to his profile that he finds it amazing that they can make life with love. He said he has never been in love with her more and so he is ready to welcome this new venture together.

After getting married in July 2018, the pair was “f-king excited” to start a family, Khoury continued to say to his Instagram users in April. When Greene’s growing baby bulge “popped” in June, he published an Instagram update, writing, that A stretchy LBD is her best friend.

The “One Shot” singer told People that she and Khoury had “clear” intentions to have children before making her pregnancy public.