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Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Ashley Judd Posts Excruciating Details Of Her Broken Leg On The Jungle Floors Of Congo

Ashley Judd’s social media hosted several gory pictures of her broken leg which she experienced when she was touring the jungles of Congo. Her photo gallery displayed her horrifying experience after her leg had shattered and she had to take the help of several locals who took care of her. In the post, she expressed her gratitude for the locals stating that she would have died if they hadn’t been there for her. 

Details On Ashley Judd’s Horrifying Experience 

Ashley Judd recollected her experience, mentioning, in particular, a local called Dieumerci who had kept his leg under her broken leg for 5 hours. He did this so that her leg was still, for her leg was broken in about 4 different places- and suffered major nerve forest. Kudos to the guy to be in that position for 5 hours without moving even for a second on the hard floor of the rainforest.

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The entire event was so surreal for the actress that she started wondering if she was a part of any survival movie. Soon another local called Papa Jean came around and asked her to bite on a stick so that he could readjust the broken pieces that were once her leg. Recalling that particular event, Ashley Judd mentioned how the locals came around and calmly stated what he needed to do. Soon, he had found a stick big enough for her to bite on while he started fixing her broken leg back. 

What surprised the actress back then and what still surprises her is how methodically he fixed her up while she was still writhing on the floor. After setting her leg in a position from where they could transport her, a group of men fashioned a hammock and carried Ashley Judd through the forest, after which she was carried in a motorbike. 

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