Cardi B Is Not Afraid To Show Real Self. Posts Makeup-Less Photo

Cardi B
Cardi B

Cardi B, the rapper, has recently slammed her haters and people who troll her on social media platforms for being afraid of showing her true self. She is known to be sharp-tongued and never minces her words. She never shies away from speaking her mind and she has recently shared some sharp words through her recent Instagram video.

Cardi B Feels Confident Inside Out

Cardi B has recently shared a video on her Instagram account where she is seen speaking to her camera and revealing her real skin. She was seen completely without makeup or any sort of filters.

The video showed her in her most true form. In addition, Cardi B slammed those people who make fun of her photos and videos where she has makeup on.

In the video she addresses the people saying that is her real face because she just woke up from sleep 20 minutes back. She goes on to say that her hair has not been brushed and her lips are all chapped. Then she further adds that she is never afraid to reveal her real face to any person and is always confident in her own skin.

Cardi B proudly shows her face to all her social media followers and discloses all her imperfections and blemishes in front of the world. She also says that most people have a habit of pulling others down. Nonetheless, she is totally confident and is not bothered by what others say.

During the previous month, she had also shared a close-up photo of face acne and how she is trying to battle it. She also stated that her face is quite dry which leads to frequent acne. She often normalizes the blemishes in a woman and openly speaks about the struggles of daily life.