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Aubrey O’Day Accused Of Using Photoshop In Her Bali Pics

Aubrey O’Day Accused Of Using Photoshop In Her Bali Pics

Another Aubrey O’Day Photoshop controversy, another O’Day.

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A little over a decade after the former Danity Kane member declared she was leaving the country to begin a “new life” abroad, she got into trouble for posting photographs from her allegedly doctored vacation on her newly private Instagram profile.

The images in question show the blond stunner sitting seductively on improbably gorgeous beaches, wearing body-clinging cut-out apparel amid lush jungles, and striking strong yoga positions on top of picturesque cliffs. They appeared on the singer’s grid immediately after her July 2021 transfer.

According to O’Day’s geotags, most of the pictures were taken in Bali, Indonesia. But social media users don’t seem to buy it.

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A TikToker recently has bought the matter into light. She believes that Aubrey O’Day, the popstar went on her recent vacation to Bali completely free. She said that she thinks the star just photoshopped her in the Bali snaps and posted them to her social media.

Aubrey O’Day Accused Of Photoshopping Herself In Vacation pictures: 

Sophie, the TikToker, noted that several of the Aubrey O’Day snaps posted on her Instagram where she claims to be vacationing in Bali are just her pictures photoshopped into the special places of Bali.

The TikToker said that the popstar is stealing others’ content or just photoshopping herself in the pictures to post them on her social media handle. Aubrey O’Day, the making the band alum who accompanied her, posted photos with really touching and thought-provoking captions that confused us.

However, Sophie, the TikToker, is not the only one criticizing the decorated pop music star. Many other Instagram users have also been calling out on her social media activity for months. These allegations could hamper the reputation of Aubrey O’Day.

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