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Ava Majury Is A Poignant Case That Highlights Social Media Dangers

Ava Majury, one of the most followed influences on TikTok, had close to a million followers before her life went into disarray. The social media presence of the 15-year-old, which included videos and photos of herself, her sending positive messages to her followers, or just dancing- were all part of her TikTok routine. And while that was quite fine, her posts went on to capture the attention of the wrong person- an 18-year-old alleged stalker from Maryland. Harrowingly, this stalker came up to her home in Florida- armed with a shotgun. This was definitely something that Majury should never have to experience her entire life. But this brings up another major problem. 

Ava Majury Is A Perfect Example Of Social Media Stalking

Ava Majury’s experience with this stalker does raise some valid concerns- not just about the toll that social media exacts upon the mental health of the youth, but also the physical safety of the user. In January, Ava was being stalked by yet another person- which definitely put her life in danger. On Monday, Ava had to testify in the courtroom at Collier County against a boy from her own high school- after her father had filed a criminal stalking case against him on the 25th of January. 

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The case ended up with no resolution, as the judge dismissed it following the testimony of Ava Majury, where they stated that there wasn’t sufficient evidence that could offer a protective injunction or even a restraining order against this boy. Lanny Davis, the family attorney for the Majurys stated that this was a learning moment- because he didn’t want any kid to be in jail. What he wanted was for kids to take responsibility for their actions and apologize for their mistakes. He believes that the 16-year-old showed poor judgment. Now, while that does solve the issue with the 16-year-old, it doesn’t really end the problem. 

Ava Majury had previously accused her classmate of intimidation and stalking which began in 2021-2022 after another stalking incident rose with an 18-year-old from Maryland. The kid had fired his shotgun, which led to Ava’s father fatally shooting him when he returned. 

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