Ban Telegram From App Stores: Demands Former Ambassador


Marc Ginsberg, the former ambassador of the US to Morocco, recently filed a lawsuit against Apple in demand of removing messaging app Telegram from its app store. According to Ginsberg, the application is greatly used by extremists to promote violence,  racism, antisemitism, and extremism. The Coalition for a Safer Web also supported Ginsberg for the removal of Telegram.

Urging Ban Of Telegram, Ginsberg Sues Alphabet 

The former ambassador took legal action against Alphabet also. He seeks immediate action to remove Telegram from Google Play Store as well. According to Ginsberg, the messaging app is being misused by extremists to circulate disinformation and insinuate violent activities. Ginsberg claims that after George Floyd’s death, violence-related to racism has been promoted through the app.

He also adds that the same kind of insinuation to violence happened after President Biden’s Inauguration Day as well. As Google did not take any immediate actions against the messaging app,  Ginsberg decided to file the lawsuit.

Telegram Gained Popularity In Few Weeks 

Ginsberg also claims that after Parler was expelled by Amazon and multiple app stores, the former Parler users chose Telegram to connect with each other. Soon after extremist groups faced restrictions in other apps, Telegram gained millions of users in a few weeks. It is reported that there is an existing channel especially for the “Parler refugees”. Ginsberg has also alleged that the application is also being used to spread illegal content.

As the former ambassador is taking strong legal steps to ban the social media platform from the respective app stores of  Apple and Google, he has not received any response from the companies. In regard to this matter, CEO Pavel Durov has informed that the company is working diligently to remove every questionable content and to strengthen the security system.