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MeWe Gains Millions Of Users In Few Weeks

While popular social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook took prompt steps against extremist groups for spreading disinformation, many users went for alternative apps like MeWe, Telegram, and Gab.

In these social media platforms, the content moderation rules are considered to be slack in comparison to conventional websites. In a recent interview, MeWe officials discussed the features and security system of the app.

What Is Special About MeWe?

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After the recent election in the U.S and the Capitol insurrection followed by it, social media platforms made their security system stricter than before. Extremist groups lost their access to these platforms for allegedly circulating false information and instigating violence. As a result, many people chose other apps like MeWe to connect and communicate.

The name MeWe is actually formed by the words ‘Me’ and ‘We’. The app has gained immense popularity in few weeks. According to Mark Weinstein, the founder, the number of users on the app jumped straight to 12 million from 6 million. The app has more than 15.5 million users now.

MeWe was launched in 2016 with a focus on being an alternative app for Facebook. According to Shannon Bond, the platform does not exploit the data of users to promote business. The app has recently become very famous for the supporters of Donald Trump who are facing restrictions on other platforms.

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Weinstein informs that their app is not the same as Gab or Parler because they are very much careful about what information is being shared on the platform. He also thinks that there is political censorship on Twitter or Facebook but MeWe does not agree with that. In spite of having less strict rules, the platform does ban content that is against its policies.

Though there have been many questions regarding the app, the company authority has faith in its content-related rules and policies.

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