Before Tiffany Trump’s Wedding Hurricane ‘Nicole” Playing Spoilsport

Tiffany Trump
Tiffany Trump

Tiffany Trump is hopping mad as a hurricane approaches high-end Palm Beach, Florida, where she is getting married this weekend at Mar-a-Lago. Her fiance is billionaire Michael Boulos of Nigeria.

Tiffany Trump Livid At The Turn Of Events

Just before her wedding, the venue is being vacated as an imminent hurricane is on its way, and Tiffany Trump is panicking

They’ve sent employees home, a source said. Tiffany remains on the scene. These visitors arrived for the celebration with all of their plans already in place. Everything was intended to be quite extravagant. Both today’s events and tomorrow’s golf outings had to be canceled. Everybody is confined inside.

They are uncertain whether Friday’s welcome meal will take place, the insider continued. Tiffany Trump is devastated.

Tiffany and Michael Boulos met in 2018 in Dubai and in 2021 they got engaged.

According to a prediction by a newspaper on Tuesday, ‘ Nicole’ will intensify into a Hurricane Category 1 before hitting the  Florida Coast.

The N H Center’s predicted area of unpredictability encompasses Donald Trump’s Florida home, according to the report. It also stated that while forecasters aren’t expecting the storm to impact the venue, they are presuming there will be some amount of rainfall.

The pair had previously said that they had invited 500 guests, many of whom would travel from abroad.

In June last year, a source revealed that Tiffany Trump has been holding off on organizing a huge wedding. They want all their close acquaintances from different parts of the globe to attend because her fiance comes from a very rich family and so does she.

Boulos was raised in Lagos. Nigeria is the home of his family’s multibillion business company. He went to London to study management in projects.

In May, an insider informed that “there has been a lot of  detailed planning and preparation .” “Tiffany’s big moment will be luxurious because this is it. It will be extravagant and stunning.