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Cher Is Protective About Her Relationship Despite Age-Gap

Cher, an American singer currently 76 years old, was recently seen holding hands with Alexander ‘AE’ Edwards. Cher defended her relationship with a guy so much younger than her. People raising questions about their relationships.

Cher’s New Boyfriend Has ‘Bad Intentions’, Fans Warned

Cher’s new boyfriend is 36years old American rapper Alexander Edwards, Cher was shamed for dating a younger guy. Though she bashed the age-shaming comment with such kindness that ‘love doesn’t know math’. She deleted that comment along with the post later. Again she posted a photo of Alexander on Twitter with the caption Alexander and heart, a fan asked her if she is her new boyfriend she responded with an ‘in-love’ emoji. Which eventually proved a lot of things. Cher has responded on her new boyfriend is treating her, and she felt like a queen.

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A lot of fans have been sick and worried about Cher’s new relationship status as Alexander didn’t hold a good impression in his last relationship. He was caught cheating by then-girlfriend Amber Rose. Alexander was cheating on Rose with 12 different people. Later he admitted to those wrongs he has done in the past and shared how he got caught stepping out on rose. He further mentions how one needs to be true to themselves in order to reach happiness. Fans are worried that Alexander has some kind of ill intentions or is just to gain publicity by dating her.

This isn’t Cher’s first relationship with younger men, she has dated younger men before, when she has been warned by a fan she replied to that person with total elegance that she hasn’t gone into that relationship with her eyes closed. And she is love not ‘blinded’ by it. However, she is not implying that she is being defendant over her relationship, but she clearly shares how these hate comments don’t affect her anymore. Haters gonna hate no matter what, that’s what she replied.

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