Behati Prinsloo Supports Adam Levine Amid Cheating Scandal

Behati Prinsloo

Adam Levine, vocalist for Maroon 5, performed for the first time since an Instagram model claimed they had an affair. The 43-year-old and his band played the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas on October 1 for the annual charity event The Event. Behati Prinsloo, his wife, was seen smiling and laughing backstage.

Levine’s concert comes just a few weeks after the Instagram model Sumner Stroh made news by claiming in a pair of TikTok videos that she had an affair with the “Sugar” singer for a whole year.

Behati Prinsloo Is Upset With Levine

Levine denied the affair in a statement but admitted to “bad judgment” in his relationship with Behati Prinsloo, with whom he has 2 kids, Dusty Rose, aged 5, and Gio Grace, aged 4. The model’s accusations of infidelity surfaced shortly after she revealed she was expecting the couple’s third child. Following the public reaction to the issue, host Shaquille O’Neal showed his sympathy for Levine at a Las Vegas event held by the Shaq O’Neal Foundation.

On September 19th, Levine posted on Instagram in response to the infidelity rumors. “I know a lot of things are being said about me, and I would want to set the record straight,” he wrote. “I made a serious error in judgment when I started having sexually suggestive conversations with people other than my wife. It is not that I had an affair, but there was a time in my life when I did something I really regret.”

Even though Behati Prinsloo has not commented on the incident, a close friend of the pair has shared exclusive details with E! News about how things are between them now.

A source said to E! News on September 21 that, despite her sadness, Behati Prinsloo does trust her husband when he says there was no physical affair. “In fact, they have spent their whole lives together. She has the impression that they have a happy marriage, therefore her discovery of the affair comes as a complete surprise.”