Bella Hadid Has Removed Her Latest Balenciaga Post Amidst Backlash

Bella Hadid
Bella Hadid

With the current outrage that has been leveled against Balenciaga, it should come as no surprise to people that supermodel Bella Hadid has distanced herself from the brand.

The high fashion brand has been under a lot of controversies over the last few weeks for its latest ad campaign, which certainly was quite scandalous. The ad featured children holding on to stuffed animals that appeared to be wearing outfits that were bondage-inspired. One observer even pointed out that a single image had also included an excerpt from a case in the US Supreme Court that had upheld a part of a federal child pornography law. Hadid had uploaded a few images from the campaign- which also had celebrities like herself and Nicole Kidman modeling- which she later removed. 

Bella Hadid Has Removed All of Her Collaborated Posts With Balenciaga

Nevertheless, Bella Hadid’s removal of the Instagram post didn’t exactly save her from the wrath of her followers- for fans were quite quick to point out her connections to such high fashion brands like Adidas and Balenciaga despite them being embroiled in controversies. One individual also went on to comment that they simply couldn’t believe that the celebrities had absolutely no concern for the children. They were working for a company that was sexually exploiting children in their adverts, and the only reason why these celebrities had removed their association from the brands was because of the backlash that they were receiving. 

Along with Bella Hadid, Balenciaga had also removed the post, along with every other collab post. The brand also put up a statement where it apologized for displaying all of the unsettling documents that were present in the campaign. The statement further talked about how the company condemned the abuse of children in any form- be it for advertisements or art. The photographer for the shoot also commented that he had no creative input on the direction of the photoshoot.