Ben Affleck Denies Dating Rumors With Emma Hernan

Ben Affleck
Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck is one of the most prominent faces of Hollywood at the moment. He has been in the spotlight recently due to his adorable relationship with Jennifer Lopez. The duo reconciled after years of breaking up and finally found peace in each other. Both Lopez and Ben are having the time of their life at the moment.

Lopez has recently revealed how Ben has surprised her with a marriage proposal. Unfortunately, the former Batman star has been plagued by controversies recently. Rumors have spread widely that Ben might be cheating on Jennifer Lopez. The rumor gained pace after Emma Hernan stated that both the stars have matched on the dating app, Raya.

Fans were shocked by the news as no one could believe that Ben Affleck could be cheating on Jennifer. Affleck has addressed the controversy recently and has denied the claims. Authorities from the Raya dating app have also confirmed that Ben’s profile has been inactive for a fairly long amount of time. Further investigation has stated that the incident took place way back in 2019.

Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

Ben Affleck Asked Emma Hernan Out For Coffee 

Ben Affleck was desperately in search of love back in 2019. He was an active user of the dating app Raya.

Affleck initially matched with Emma Hernan on the app. However, Hernan could not believe the profile to be real and unmatched the star.

This was followed by a video clip from Ben that addressed Emma about why she unmatched her. 

Emma Hernan also revealed in an interview that Ben Affleck had asked her out for a coffee. However, all the rumors can be put to rest now as Affleck is currently engaged with Jennifer Lopez.