Liza Minnelli Has Gone Past Oscars Sabotage

Liza Minnelli
Liza Minnelli

It does seem like Liza Minnelli has started listening to her own advice and put down her knitting to get another shot at her acting chops. The star of Cabaret was recently photographed at dinner with Joan Collins and Michael Feinstein on Wednesday.

Incidentally, after her worrisome appearance at the Oscars, it would relieve her fans to see her smile. Michael Feinstein, the famous pianist, then took to Instagram where he stated that he had quite a lovely time with the ladies. He then uploaded a snap of the trio sitting together at a restaurant. 

Liza Minnelli Was Quite Discombobulated at The Oscars

Feinstein, a longtime pal of Liza Minnelli, claimed that the EGOT winner had been sabotaged at the awards show after she was persuaded to use a wheelchair that drew concerns about her health. Just this week, Feinstein had gone on SiriusXM’s “Jess Cagle Show”, where he mentioned that the 76-year-old actress had agreed to appear at the Oscars- only if she could sit in a director’s chair- simply because she was having some back trouble. He also added that Minnelli wanted to look good- but didn’t want to trouble anyone. But before she was about to get on stage, a stage manager said that she had to use a wheelchair.

Ironically, this was also swept up under the rug, due to the “other” incident that took place. The friend of Liza Minnelli was obviously referencing the moment Will Smith smacked Chris Rock. Feinstein then claimed that Minnelli had agreed to go out in a wheelchair, but the incident between Smith and Rock had shaken her quite a lot. Naturally, the actress was quite nervous, and it showed.

Feinstein finally added that Liza Minnelli was quite disappointed with what went through- but seems to be doing pretty well with her health. Scott Gorenstein, the former publicist of Minnelli, informed The Post that it was pretty public that Minnelli had certain health issues.