Christine Quinn Has Called Out The Fake Narrative In Selling Sunset

Christine Quinn

Christine Quinn, the star of Selling Sunsets, recently called out the hit series on Netflix for its alleged fake narrative. She went on to tweet about the launch of a new season for the show, where she snidely referred to the 5000 fake storylines that the show had. Although the actress didn’t go into greater detail about which storylines were absolutely fabricated, a source close to the show referred to the $5,000 bribe that Emma Hernan accused Quinn of offering to poach a client of hers.

Christine Quinn Hints At Selling Sunsets Fake Narrative

Christine Quinn had also informed Page Six previously that another feud with Emma Hernan was not something that really affected her life, to begin with. In season 412, there was an incident where the women argued over whether a mutual ex had actually cheated on Quinn with Emma way before the show was on the air. In November 2021, Quinn stated that she was quite annoyed with the topic of discussion- as she really didn’t want to get into that. The author then clarified that a major part of being in a reality show was talking about things that no one really cared about. 

While Christine Quinn believes that the show is dependent on fake narratives, Heather Rae Young- another cast member- thinks that Quinn is in the wrong for her statement. In an exclusive, Rae Young mentioned that the team didn’t push them to be anything. In fact, they encouraged people to just be who they were and it surely showed up on camera. She also stated that if Quinn believed that the reality show was pushing fake narratives- it could imply that she wasn’t herself before the camera.

Heather Rae Young, who has been a friend of Christine Quinn for over a decade now, thinks that the old Quinn doesn’t exist anymore.