Binance CEO Zhao Has Argued His Lies

Binance CEO

The US justice department has already declared notice against the Binance firm. Which is owned by Changpeng Zhao. The firm received notice long ago for immediate closing. However, the data analytics have worked for further information which could point Binance CEO as the culprit of the fraud. They have found data showing there have been active transactions in the past week. 

The information has been argued by Zhao, saying there is no possibility of such.

He has said this may not be as bad as they think. There have been continuous crypto assets flowing out of the chain. Perhaps looting more people.

Zhao, Binance CEO Has Argued Over Tested Data

He is in no way to accept that there has been active participation of his firm in flowing billions worth of coins. There is data that shows that billions of dollars have been flowing out of Binance. And the Binance CEO is negating the whole data. He strongly believes there has been a misinterpretation. The data analysis shows a false record.

Even after the legal notice for the Binance. There shouldn’t have been a transaction. However, the data shows active transactions in the last seven days.

Nansen DefiLlama showed there has been an outflow worth $2.36 billion from Binance firm. Binance’s CEO has not confirmed any data that has been shown. The total transaction at the national level is $123.7 million.

Bitcoin has already declined 5.7% which is roughly around $1 billion. That too has been within the last seven days.

The latest tweet of Binance CEO saying there could be some third-party involvement in this report, thus he doesn’t consider this as the original one.