The 76th Tony Awards Rewarded Alex Newell

Alex Newell

Alex Newell considered themselves non-binary. This person becomes the first Tony Awards winner in history with no gendered label. This moment indeed created history. Newell has been featured as a male actor in musicals. Their scene-stealing performance in Shucked brought the award to them. It’s indeed a historical moment in the Hollywood Award ceremony.

Newell couldn’t stop showing gratitude to everyone. They performed previously in Glee. Then Newell was addressed as Male. They looked immensely happy on stage while receiving the award. Their mother was present in the audience and felt grateful for her child.

Alex Newell’s Dream Came True

Since stepping into the industry, it was their dream to achieve something prestigious. However, the industry defines prestigious awards by the Emmy awards, The Tony awards, the golden globes, and the Oscars.

Alex Newell is no exception when it comes to dreaming of receiving awards. The 76th Tony Awards took place at the New York City United Palace Theatre. After receiving the Tony awards for best male actor in Shucked. 

Alex Newell thanked their mother and told her how grateful they are. Alex’s mother always believed in them and showed them strength and courage.

The cast and crew of Shucked are equally responsible for this award. They have shown Alex Newell the Broadway which is why they are immensely grateful to them.

They further addressed how no one should be judged by the color of their skin or people. Alex Newell mentioned they are standing there as a fat black queer baby from Massachusetts.

They further mentioned if anyone failed to address them with respect. Newell will teach them how to do so. They concluded their speech with an empowering message saying if anyone of you fails to identify your own power when it comes to accomplishing something. Alex Newell will show you if you put your mind to something. You’ll achieve it.