Bitcoin Has Launched New And More Secure Protocols


A Stanford University professor brought a new protocol that would help Bitcoin for future purposes regarding blockchain.

There is fraud flooding the Cryptocurrency chain with bugs. Recently reports have been missing $400 million worth of coins. A firm that has been closed since 2017. The hackers have jammed the route to loot people. They have been doing it from 2011 to 2014. The US justice department has passed legal notice against them with immediate arrest.

A professor named David Tse developed a significant way to use coins. To secure exchange and usage proof-of-stake.

More Security For Bitcoin 

Further security was added to the PoS network for Bitcoin. Dr. David Tse and his team have worked to provide further security to cryptocurrency users. This extra security would provide the BTC user to feel comfortable using Proof-of-stake chains. Previously they were threatened by all the bug and fraud-infested industries.

Their other product is Babylon Blockchain. Which they have thought of introducing BTC into. They are currently using the scripted language of BTC. Which is also connected to a PoS slashing mechanism. This is also interconnected to the Bitcoin network.

Tse and his team have developed an advanced level of cryptography to read the scripted language. Now this would help them to spend more than the normal rate on the BTC blockchain.

This advanced format won’t be needing the bridge to the PoS chain at all.