Did Natalie Portman Forgive Her Husband?

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They met on the set of Black Swan in 2010. Since then they have been together. They got married in 2012. Recently rumors sparked that Natalie Portman and Benjamin Millepied have been at odds in their relationship. He has been caught cheating.

They were last seen in Paris in late May. They shared a kiss which the paparazzi took. They have children together. Since the news of his cheating broke, they both have been avoiding the media. They need privacy at the moment. And she is keeping her kids away from the media. However, sources say she quite didn’t talk to him directly.

Despite The Enormous Mistake, Would Natalie Portman Accept Benjamin?

Benjamin Millepied made a public appearance since the infidelity news came to the surface. Natalie Portman is extremely protective when it comes to her Children. She will not let the paparazzi close to them. She won’t allow them anywhere near her or the children.

A close friend of theirs says Natalie Portman is aware of her husband’s relationship outside their marriage. Benjamin Millepied has asked for forgiveness.  She is a private person in no way she would talk to the media now.

For now, Benjamin Millepied is doing everything he can to bring his family back. He is afraid to lose his family of four. Their son is just 12 months old and their daughter is six years old. He has asked for forgiveness, yet she is not ready to disclose anything.

Natalie Portman and Benjamin Millepied met when they were shooting for Black Swan. Which she won the Oscar for. During their 10-year anniversary, she recalled the moment they met. It was still an unbelievable moment for her. Benjamin Millepied was recently seen at a screening of Carmen in Paris.