DC Fly Young Giving Flying Kisses To Late Partner

dc fly young

Jacky Oh’s uncertain death left everyone in shock. She was 32 years old and DC Fly Young’s partner. She left him last month. 

DC Fly is a YouTuber whose real name is John Whitfield. He posted a photo on Instagram paying tribute to his late girlfriend Jacky Oh. She was a Wild ‘N Out Star. Her uncertain death left her family and friends shattered into pieces. Her cause of death is not yet been shared by the forensics or the police. The immediate report shows she was taken to the nearby hospital after being non-responsive. The hospital was declared dead without further trials.

Not Only DC Fly Young, But The Young Children Are Still Processing

DC Fly Young and Jacky Oh have three children Nova, Nala, and Prince. Jacky Oh and DC Fly Young’s family have shared their thanks to the fans. Fans have been extremely supportive of them. The family of Jacky Oh needed some privacy in this moment of excruciating pain.

DC Fly Young also took some time before penning down his tribute to his children’s late mother.

DC Fly Young posted a bunch of photos of them together with their children as well.

In one post he wrote the children are going to be strong. God got them, and a brown heart.

In another post, he wrote he took his time to post such a caption. He was in no rush.

He wanted to pass this phase as some kind of bad dream. Alas, he was reminded of the reality check every hour.

DC Fly Young further wrote he wanted to tribute to her properly, and he wrote Jacky Oh was the most fabulous mother his children could have.

She taught their children how to love each other endlessly. The couple are very spiritual and they fear God. Now he has the duty to tell their children how great of a person she was. What an incredible mother she was above all.