Binance Challenged Counterpart Of Its Own


The US justice department has already sent notice for immediate closure. However, Binance has been functioning even after the legal notice. The firm’s CEO Chanpeg Zhao has denied all the allegations made against him in the past. The states and some third parties have also already opened a private company in Nigeria without his further knowledge.

He gained knowledge about its existence recently. And he has immediately issued a cease. Last week data analytics showed even after shutting down, the firm has made transactions of over a billion within the states. Yet again, he has confirmed those news as false accusations.

Binance Has Been Operating Without The Owner’s Knowledge

The news of Binance again functioning illegally in Nigeria after closure in the states. The Nigerian securities exchange commission has released a statement. Changpeng Zhao was nine days late to announce the news. The Nigerian Securities and exchange commission released the statement of illegal business in the country on 9th June. Previously the US Justice Department has issued charges against Binance for operating in the country without permission and legal papers. Those crucial documents prove you are eligible to access your firm or company in the States.

The Binance spokesperson has commented on the recent statement. They have confirmed they are not affiliated with the company in Nigeria. The CEO of Binance and other legal teams are in the same boat of figuring out what has been happening. They have sought further information from the Nigerian Securities and Exchange Commission.

Binance is already facing enough charges in the States. The United States Securities and exchange commission have pressed 13 charges against them. And the CEO hasn’t been left behind whatsoever. Last time one user questioned Changpeng Zhao about not knowing the transactions were taking place for a week behind his back. However, he has made it clear those are third-party involvement. Binance has yet to do anything after the legal notice. Those are false accusations.