Tom Mann Recalls The Pain From His Wedding Day

tom mann

It’s been a year since his fiancee left him on their wedding day. The best day of his life turned into the worst possible nightmare. Tom Mann was supposed to get married exactly a year before. However, fate planned something differently. He couldn’t witness the most magical moment of his life. He wanted to see his fiancee walking down the aisle. It didn’t happen. They all were rushed to the hospital for her. Dani Hampson took her last breath in the hospital. It was not how everything was planned.

The Silence In The Altar, Tom Mann’s Vows Left Unheard

He wore the suit to say I do in Church. He did wear the wedding suit he had been intending to wear. Alas, he waited in the hospital room wearing that. Waiting for Dabi Hampson to wake up and say I do. That didn’t happen. Tom Mann and Dani Hampson have been planning to get married since 2020. However, it was postponed two times because of the pandemic.

Mann shares a son who is 20 months old with Dani Hampson. Unfathomable tragedy he might never be able to get over. Tom Mann posted a photo of Dani Hampson with their son. He penned down a long note paying tribute to his late wife. It’s unimaginable for Tom Hann to figure out everything independently. He quoted that one year ago, he woke up from her side in the morning for the last time.

Tom Mann and the whole family couldn’t imagine something so painful was about to come. Even today, Tom Mann finds it extremely difficult to find words to describe his feelings. Their son Bowie will know his mother as a ray of sunshine. Tom Mann is grateful that someone like Dani Hampson chose him over everyone.