Bitcoin Getting Popular With Each Day


Bitcoin is one of the most famously known terms in recent years. It is one of the most trusted cryptocurrencies in the world. A lot of people have invested in BTC shares. The shares come with a rich dividend. The company has seen drastic growth in the last few years. However, recent trends have been a cause of major concern for BTC. 

They have seen the rates go down drastically. Investors and users were very much disturbed by the recent markets. The company has remained positive in times of turbulence. They have shown full faith in their system and hope for a turnaround soon. 

It seems as if Bitcoin is getting popular day by day. A surprising news has been revealed recently. Francis Suarez is the mayor of Miami. He has opted to get his remuneration in Bitcoins. Suarez is entitled to a payment worth 401k.  He has requested to provide a part of his money by means of cryptocurrency.

 The payment is likely to be processed by a payment operator called Strike. Strike is a third-party medium that helps users get access to BTC payments. Suarez stated that it was his own choice to invest in BTC. Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

Bitcoin Favored By Miami Mayor 

Bitcoin has been one of the best investment options recently. However, not many people were confident enough to put their money on it. The times seem to be changing. The Mayor of Miami has expressed his wish to invest a part of his retirement salary in BTC. 

Suarez told the press that Bitcoin’s success is directly related to their confident operations. He termed it as a system that can not be manipulated. He also revealed that the Miami government can be paid in cryptocurrency by the citizens.