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Bitcoin Has Perfect Backdrop For $1M Within 2035

Bitcoin can overtake the present $20,000 level which is the all-time high (ATH) since the last few weeks. Ethereum can break its record within one year.

According to Alex Saunders, CEO, Bitcoin can touch $100,000 within five years along with reaching $1 million by the year 2035. He has shown immense confidence in the future of Bitcoin.

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During a recent interview, Saunders was heard stating that Bitcoin has the ‘perfect backdrop” at the moment to be able to touch new levels of high in the stock market.

Bitcoin price will be $1M by 2035

Saunders further added that if Bitcoin manages to maintain its current pace in the coming weeks, it can successfully touch $20,000 at a rapid speed. That is their present aim as of now and according to their future performance, the upcoming year will also be extremely positive with profitable outcomes.


Saunders spoke when BTC price in the US was as high as $18,400 and was moving towards an extensive corridor whose new aim was that of $17,700. Profits have been coming in at a rapid speed and in huge amounts as the performance on a weekly basis is showing a return of 15%.

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While anticipating the future, Saunders said that they are expecting a figure of 6 and 7 digits for Bitcoin very soon. However, the combination of an approach and money that is now being played out indicates that Bitcoin no longer has a way out.

Saunders also added that if Bitcoin continues its present rally and can absorb the money present around it and in the reserve of global currency, they can quickly reach the $1 million for every BTC target within a short span of 15 years only.

As of now, their current approach and targets indicate that Bitcoin is soon approaching the serious level of hitting $100,000 that too in 5 years. Following that the questions will plague the stock market and the larger market, in general, will be if the cryptocurrency should be stopped completely, or contemplate a way to regulate the trading and functioning of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency around the world.

Sanders is concerned about the rapid surges in BTC prices as stated by Ray Dalio, investor, in his recent statements.

Ethers’ Profits

Saunders has estimated that Ether is a year away from reaching their ATH price levels.

Despite rolling out Ethereum 2.0 after a long wait and demand, Ether has not been able to match the steps of success experienced by Bitcoin. BTC is the most successful cryptocurrency in the stock market at present.

However, the future of Ether is very positive as they have also managed to hit new high price levels.

As per reports, the upcoming ATH of Ether is possibly going to range between $10,000 and $20,000 very soon.

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