Bitcoin Targeting A 16.7K Despite The Risk Of BNB Might Drag The Crypto Market Down


An analyst has recently warned the Bitcoin investors that it might get worsen as the BNB might drag the whole Crypto Market down with it. It has nothing but air beneath it, the analyst said.

When you look at the current market, you see, Bitcoin might get a ditch at 17k before 16th Decemeber. The Market Pro of Cointelegraph combining with TradingView has done a detailed analysis of data and tracked some new intraday lows for BTC, and it is not looking very good.

According to the news, the pair has dived into a three percent earlier, making a loss consecutively that has recently gone into a one-month high.

The latest concerns developing upon the greatest exchange like Binance that these are arriving still despite the constant top-level efforts of the CEO of the global exchange. Changpeng Xhao, the CEO said it is a FUD. As per the reports of Cointelegraph, crypto traders are now skeptical about the credibilityof the rumors about the global cypto center.

Bitcoin Is Targeting A 16.7K Despite The Risk Of BNB dragging The Market:

However, the market has refused to give it a break and warning are increasing over Bitcoin’s fate the in house token of Binance.

Moves are fading in the bearish trend of the crypto market and the plan of long-term plans of the traders. With the II Capo of cryptocurrency is now at a bottom beneath fifty dollars.

After audit Mazars Group withdrew its evidence of reserves assessment and announced that it would not any longer deal with customers in the cryptocurrency business, pressures on Binance itself rose that day.

While this was going on, Jim Cramer, a controversial tv host, said that he will trust my cash more in Draftkings as I would binance.” In response, Zhang openly mocked Cramer’s statement on Twitter.