Brad Pitt Lawyers Responds To Angelina Jolie

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt may be an A-list movie star, but his lawyers made sure to remind a judge on Tuesday that he’s also a good father. The actor broke down in tears while testifying at the hearing to determine if he’s a deadbeat dad — and explained that he has paid more than $9 million in child support since the couple split in September 2016. “I have been their primary caregiver over their lifetimes,” Pitt said of his six children with ex Angelina Jolie during testimony before Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Scott Gordon, according to People magazine.

According to sources, Brad Pitt’s lawyers went to great lengths on Tuesday to discredit allegations by his ex-wife Angelina Jolie that he was a deadbeat dad.

But this wasn’t anything new—according to sources, Brad Pitt’s lawyers have been going at each other like two scorpions in a bottle for years now. And while they’ve managed to keep things civil, it’s clear there is only one winner when you’re locked in a tussle with the man who brought you “Fight Club.”

Brad Pitt Sues Angelina Jolie

Brad Pitt is a good guy, and he’s generous with his money. Brad Pitt is also a good father. He loves to spend time with his children, especially when they are young and adorable, like the way they were in their youth (there was this one time they went on vacation and did that thing where they went swimming in the ocean together… it was so cute).

Brad Pitt will always be prouder than anyone else of all the things that he has given to charity, so if you ever need proof of how generous Brad Pitt can be, just ask him—or look at what he did for Hurricane Sandy relief or any other organization that helps people out who are hurting.

In his testimony, Pitt said he paid more than $9 million in child support since the couple split in September 2016.

Pitt’s lawyer said Brad Pitt is a good father and never missed a scheduled visit with his children.

The actor’s attorney also said that the 52-year-old actor has been “fully compliant with all court orders” related to custody and visitation issues.