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Fans Horrified At GQ Cover Of Brad Pitt: They Say It Is Awful And Makes His Look Like A Corpse

Brad Pitt fans are horrified at the weird picture of Brad Pitt on the cover of GQ magazine. Fans have said that he looks dead, strange, and lost. But photographer Elizaveta Porodina has spoken out about the vision of her project.

The profile of Pitt was on the cover of GQ on Wednesday, June 22, and was instantly panned by people. The picture depicts the actor floating or lying in a dark pool filled with flowers even as his frozen blank face stares into nothingness.

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Pitt had a frank discussion in his interview with the magazine while promoting Bullet Train, his new film. The movie is directed by David Leitch, of the John Wick franchise fame, and has Sandra Bullock.

Paste Magazine Music director Scott Russell expressed his dismay and said that GQ appears to have killed Brad Pitt and pictured his corpse. Others said that whoever did the cover should be fired.

Photographer Elizabeth Porodina speaks out about the experience of working with Brad Pitt

Elizaveta Porodina spoke out of the picture she took and said he was honored to have worked with an actor whose name is considered an adjective. She said that Brad Pitt cooperated with her radical visualization.

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Porodina said that it was a pleasure and honor to have worked with such an incredible artist, actor, and person. She said that it was a spark of true inspiration to have worked with someone who respects and admires art and indulges himself so deeply in the process. She termed the experience of working with Brad Pitt as surreal and said she was privileged that the actor accepted her radical invitation into her very world.

Many fans supported her bold move and congratulated her for her epic, incredible and unusual depiction.

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