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Saturday, September 30, 2023

Teddi Mellencamp Alleges Gunvalson Rang Up Her Boss To Steal Her Podcaster Job

Vicki Gunvalson has always expressed strong opinions and this led to feuds with many Housewives during her time on the reality show. Now she has been accused of calling Teddi Mellencamp’s boss to have her fired from her podcaster job.

Teddi Mellencamp revealed that Vicki contacted the head of iHeartRadio in an attempt to get her fired, with Vicki offering herself as a replacement. She called the move devious.

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Teddi also told her Instagram followers that Two T has been consistently getting over a million downloads and said that she was thankful that she got to keep her job.­­­ Two Ts has two ex-Housewives, Teddi Mellencamp and Tamra Judge teaming up to Tell All.

Teddi Mellencamp Made Allegations Against Gunvalson On Instagram

Vicki Gunvalson was annoyed that Judge was allegedly plugging ‘Two Ts in a Pod,’ referring to Teddi and Tamra, who co-hosts the show. She said that she did not know Mellencamp while also contending that she did not like her either.

Teddi Mellencamp responded just as viciously and said that Vicki appeared stuck empty of late on an empty tank, and said she needed to be paid through gas cards. She was referring to Vicki’s earlier claim that her love tank was always full during relationships.

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Teddi then added that she hoped that Vicki would not again try to call up her boss to snatch her job. Gunvalson has vehemently denied the allegation made by Teddi Mellencamp.

Vicky said she never attempted to take Teddi’s job and said that she was happy with her job at Debt.com and Coto Insurance. Gunvalson said that her love tank was full and was not empty. She said that Mellencamp should not use her for her podcast’s content in the future. Their feud has even extended to Twitter with Mellencamp insinuating that Gunvalson was part of the January 6 mob that attacked the Capitol.

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