Brandi Carlile Changed The World Along With Her Beau

Brandi carlile

Brandi Carlile is among the most notable women in the world. The whole world came forward to help turkey, and these two superwomen raised up to $300k for donation only. The two loved ones changed the world a bit. She has always been working towards making the world a better place and this time working with Looking out Foundation could possibly make a difference. Her journey started with an advertisement in 2008.

Once A Broke Musician Brandi Carlile And Her Journey

 General Motors asked Brandi Carlile and her band to do The Story in an advertisement for the Olympics. But they refused to do it like many others, they were advised by many activists to reject the offer and from the close people of Brandi Carlile. And ultimately they rejected the offer eventually. They let go of the biggest offer of all time, at that time she and her bandmates were broke in their twenties. 

But later on, general motors came back to them with another offer which include rewriting the story and the advertisement. They made an amount with that and started Looking Out Foundation. And LOF’s motto was to change the world into a better place, they not only focused on the environment but also to solve human problems.

Brandi Carlile’s wife Catherine said she met Brandi in 2012 when she was working for Beatles singer Paul McCartney’s charity. Back then they used to make $2 per ticket, and she made sure all the money goes to looking out foundation. Further shared Catherine and Brandi Carlile made $300,000 within seven days which would aid White Helmets.

She was making her mixes up with Brandi Carlile’s fan base, that was the only way to launch volunteers for the campaign but they were all activists and happy to help. Which further helped with her albums and tours. The average donation was $50 for the foundation, and they were thankful they could make such a massive amount.