Brandy Shows Support For Little Brother Ray J

Ray J Brandy

Brandy posted encouraging words for her younger brother. Ray J received a lot of support after his worrying social media statements.

Friday, Brandy, the 43-year-old singer/actress uploaded a throwback picture of herself with Ray J on Instagram with the remark, “Need you buddy @rayj.” The article was published a few hours after Ray J frightened his followers with Instagram postings in which he expressed suicidal thoughts.

TMZ managed to snag Ray J’s now-deleted Instagram remark, which read: “If it was not 4 my Kidz I might jump over & die tonight.” Both Melody, age 4, and Epik, age 2, are Ray J and Princess Love’s children.

Brandy Is Worried About Ray J’s Mental Health

His feet were also shown dangling over the edge of a cliff in another post. That image was accompanied by the statement, “Should I just go ahead and commit suicide? Now!!! ????”

Brandy’s brother, the 41-year-old reality TV personality, revealed to his followers on Instagram Story that he was “trying to figure things out” and that “perhaps this life was an illusion.” Moreover, he speculated that “maybe the following life was my genuine reality.” The former Celebrity Big Brother contestant was overheard saying, “If it was not 4 my Kidz I would jump over and die tonight,” in now-deleted Instagram photographs obtained by TMZ. Ray J and his wife Princess Love married in 2016, and they now have a 4-year-old daughter named Melody and a 2-year-old boy named Epik.

The native of Mississippi has expressed thoughts of suicide before.

According to a May 2018 Daily Mail article, Ray J said that his ex-girlfriend Kim Kardashian “jumped on the idea” of sharing their sex film when he proposed it, but that she later felt “suicidal” when the renowned family did not release the footage.