Convicted Con Artist Anna Delvey Uses Artwork Stash To Obtain Bond

anna delvey

Con artist Anna Delvey, also known as Anna Sorokin, who posed as a wealthy German heiress even as she swindled the high and mighty of New Yorkers society, is out of jail. She has used her art wealth to obtain bonds but must refrain from posting on social media for now.

Also, known as the SoHo Grifter, Delvey was the focus of a Netflix drama, Inventing Anna. She was held by customs and immigration authorities (ICE) in March 2021 and has remained behind bars since then.

Charles Conroy, a Manhattan Immigration judge allowed her to be transferred from the correctional facility to home confinement earlier this week even as she fights being deported for overstaying. She posted a bail bond of $10,000 and provide her residential address even as she remains confined there even as she fights being deported back to Germany.

John Sandweg, her attorney has confirmed that her release process has started and she was shifted from the New York state’s correctional facility in Orange County to her address in downtown Manhattan. He said that Anna Delvey was in the final process of being released. She has already moved out of jail, he confirmed.

Soho Grifter Anna Delvey Posed As An Art Collector And Duped Many New Yorkers

Anna Delvey posed as an art collector and scammed the elite of New York, banks and hotels even as she wove tales of her moneyed background and her interest in arts. She wove an elaborate web of lies and deception and climbed the ladder of high society in New York.

Delvey comes from a middle-class Russian family and had neither a college degree, any tangible accomplishment, nor substantial funds. She was first arrested in July 2017 after chatting with two hotels in New York City for thousands of dollars.

Following a highly publicized trial, Anna Delvey was convicted in 2019 of 2nd-degree grand larceny, services theft, and attempted 1st-degree grand larceny. She was sent to prison for four to twelve years. Immigration authorities want Delvey to return to Germany as she has overstayed her visa.