Britney Spears Declares That She’s “In Love” With “Selfish,” Justin Timberlake’s New Song

Britney Spears

The new song “Selfish” by Justin Timberlake has received a ton of acclaim from Britney Spears. Britney Spears, 42, welcomed Timberlake’s lead single and his second new song, “Sanctified,” which had its Saturday Night Live premiere over the weekend, in an Instagram post published on Sunday. In the article, Britney Spears, who broke up with Timberlake in 2002, also expressed her regret to anybody she may have “offended” with her memoir, The Woman in Me. “I would want to express my regret for some of the topics I discussed in my book. I sincerely apologize if I upset somebody I care about. She penned a letter. 

The tweet included a video of 42-year-old Timberlake performing a hilarious mashup of some of his best hits, including “Selfish,” with Fallon and The Roots providing the music. The performance took place on Thursday night on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. 

Britney Spears Talks Candidly About Herself In Her Autobiography 

In her autobiography, Britney Spears discusses her previous relationship with Timberlake, stating that she became pregnant with the singer’s child and then had an abortion because he “didn’t want to be a father.” “It was unexpected, but it wasn’t tragic in my opinion. I was incredibly in love with Justin. I’ve always thought that one day we’ll have a family. Regarding the pregnancy, she writes in her book, “This would just be a lot sooner than I’d anticipated.” Had it been solely up to me, I never would have taken that action. She said, “Yet Justin was adamant that he didn’t want to have children.”

“It’s one of the most agonizing things I have ever experienced in my life,” she stated in addition to describing her abortion procedure. The book also explores Spears’s time as a conservator, her bond with her family, and her “passionate” relationship with Colin Farrell. Her Instagram post coincides with the fact that her 2011 song “Selfish” surpassed Timberlake’s song of the same name on iTunes as a result of her fans’ encouragement of the 13-year-old tune.