Britney Spears Got Back And Responded To A Hurtful Kevin Federline Interview

Britney Spears
Britney Spears

In a recent interview, Britney Spears criticised her ex-husband Kevin Federline for revealing her relationship with boys Sean Preston, 16, and Jayden James, 15.

The pop star, now 40, Britney Spears, said that it saddens her to hear even the name and her ex-husband and how he decided to bring their personal lives into the light to discuss it in a public interview. She said that when you are raising teenage boys is not easy. She also added that it concerned her when she knew that the beef her ex-husband was trying to take out on her was actually from Instagram. She continued on the issue of how her ex-husband claimed that the popstar’s social media content is tough for her kids to handle.

She said that it started long before Instagram. The singer said that she had given everything to them. She also said that her mother suggested how she needed to give them their father. Britney Spears said she is coming out with all this information because she can.

Britney Spears Used Social Media To Reply To Ex-Husband’s Hurtful Comments: 

Spears then also shared a message on her feed to her followers when she said that as their stepmother says that everything that happens outside their house has nothing to do with their house, she would like to share the door as a token to something known as the White Gates Britney was keeping from for almost 15years. Britney Spears also continued saying that she was earning from the outside world for the first time was enlightening. She ended with a question that read are they equal now?

She also added telling to her followers that the trauma she gets from the business that happens to give her fame for her work affects her children as well as her.