President Joe Biden To Return To Public Engagement After COVID Diagnosis

Joe Biden

Joe Biden, the president, was given the all-clear to resume his public duties after receiving a second COVID-19 diagnosis.

Biden was given the all-clear to leave isolation in a letter released on Twitter on Sunday by his doctor, Dr Kevin O’Connor, who stated that the President’s COVID-19 testing results were negative for the second consecutive day this morning.

He added that the president, Joe Biden, can finally return to public engagement with better health.

Although Biden had returned negative, O’Connor wrote on Saturday that he was keeping up his strict isolation measure until a second negative test.”

The president left the White House on Sunday morning after receiving permission to do so and told reporters he was “feeling terrific.”

Joe Biden’s COVID Results Were Negative For Two Consecutive Days: 

He told CNN that the president was feeling good and clear after 18 long days.

Last Saturday, Biden received a COVID-19 rebound diagnosis, necessitating his confinement.

On Tuesday, O’Connor disclosed that Biden was showing signs of COVID for the first time, including a loose cough, but that he was otherwise well and had normal vital signs.

The president initially showed signs of COVID-19 on July 21, following feeling unwell the night before. His symptoms were modest, he had received two vaccinations and two booster shots, and with the aid of a Paxlovid treatment, he could recover from the virus in just five days.

However, O’Connor warned that Paxlovid could cause “rebound COVID,” and he intended to keep a close eye on Joe Biden in case it did.

According to his diagnosis, Biden had carried on remote work in the White House despite having the infection. Since then, he has convened two socially segregated gatherings to declare the demise of Al Qaeda’s leader Ayman al-Zawahiri and to declare the signing of his second executive order to safeguard the availability of reproductive healthcare services.