Britney Spears’s Husband Sounds Worried

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Kevin Federline is the father of two boys, whom Britney Spears gave birth to. It’s not unknown to the public she has had a dark past, and often her emotional outburst catches the public eye. Last month she threw a temper tantrum because her boys didn’t contact her for a year and stopped responding to her messages.

Now her husband finally speaks up about her drug abuse. Which is making him worried about the future. He believes she is on meth. However, all these statements are made up by a journalist. Which Kevin Federline strongly condemns.

Britney Spears’s Family Is Shocked By The False News Roaming Around

A journalist named Daphne Barak has claimed a false rumor to be from Kevin Federline. However, Kevin is the father of two children. He shares with Britney Spears. Both of them have protested against the false news the media is spreading.

This isn’t the first time either the media has spread false rumors about Britney Spears.

Kevin Federline protested via Instagram story saying the news is false and repulsive. It has saddened the family.

Their two teenage boys are highly affected by the false news. The media is perhaps doing nothing other than separating a mother from her children. Poisoning their mind with lies about their mother.

He further added how journalism has sunk today. Corruption has overpowered it.

Britney Spears also posted something similar to her husband, she shared it on feed.

It saddens her how the media makes money using her strained relationship with her children and ex-husband. Not only this a few months ago the media also spread rumors about her complicated relationship with her current husband.

Britney Spears shut their mouth with another post. All the things that have been going on behind her back just saddens her. Every time she tries to put a piece of a puzzle in a perfect place. The media ruins everything.