Brittany Mahomes Captions Photo On Daughter Being Obsessed With Brother

Brittany Mahomes

Baby boy Patrick Bronze Lavon Mahomes III the second child of Brittany and Patrick Mahomes was welcomed this week. Elder sister Sterling Skye is way proud of her brother. A few days after the baby boy was welcomed home, Brittany Mahomes shared a picture of Sterling, Brittany’s first child who is now 21 months old. The sweet picture posted on Instagram this Saturday shares the siblings’ bonding. 

Brittany Mahomes two captioned the picture stating that Sterling is obsessed with her baby brother and is also in love with her newly assigned role. The photo shows Sterling cutely staring at Patrick who has been resting on a pillow.

On Monday, Brittany Mahomes and Patrick Mahomes both disclosed the advent of their second child together via a collective Instagram post. This was followed by a picture of the baby’s legs wearing a white and brown onesie with the caption of the birth date and name of the infant. What else was spotted in the picture was an engraved Bronze name in the middle of a silver chain. The chain was kept on a Mahomes written blanket.

Brittany Mahomes’ Husband Patrick Shares His Observation

This week, Patrick shares updates while speaking on Audacy’s 610 Sports Radio. He talks about how his 21-month-old is adjusting to the new addition to the family. The proud father of two reveals that Sterling is always eager to hold and take care of the baby brother. Always on the lookout to play with him all day, the parents have to keep policing around her to be soft and tender. 

He goes on to say that his little Sterling is still processing sharing with her mother. As much as she loves her brother, she still occasionally gets confused looking at her mother holding someone else other than her. He explains that other than that, she has been learning the changes quite positively.