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Friday, December 9, 2022

Bruce Campbell Opens Up About His Cameos

When it was announced that Sam Raimi would be directing the latest Marvel movie, fans were more excited about the cameo Bruce Campbell would be playing in the movie. In fact, one could almost state that Campbell and Raimi were inseparable in popular fiction due to their multiple collaborations on the long-running franchise Evil Dead. Also, they are rather close friends who have collaborated on several other projects as well. So, when Sam Raimi started directing Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, it was only prudent that fans wondered about Campbell’s role. 

Bruce Campbell Likes Harassing The Main Characters

For those who are unaware, Bruce Campbell has had a few memorable cameos in all three of the Spider-Man films that Raimi directed, along with the blockbuster- Oz the Great and Powerful. In a new interview with Hollywood Reporter, it was fair that Campbell would be speaking about the cameo he would feature in, and what it was like in a Sam Raimi set. 

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Interestingly, Bruce Campbell stated that his character needed to be pivotal. It didn’t matter if his role was contained only to a line, or if it was more than that. The only requisite was that it had to be meaningful. In the first Spider-Man movie, he was the one who named Peter Parker. In the second movie, he was the only character that defeated Spider-Man by not letting him enter the theater. 

Although Bruce Campbell does want to have a pivotal role in the movie, the reasons don’t end there. In fact, he claims that one of the best reasons for playing the roles that he does is because he gets to harass the main character. If one were to observe clearly, they would notice Campbell constantly belittling the character, making fun of him, and even harassing him at times. His job- he believes- is making the hero’s journey even more difficult than it is.

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