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Friday, December 3, 2021

New Inputs From California Government On Golden State Stimulus Check

Over 50% of the 9M residents of the Golden State who have qualified for the stimulus check were checked and verified. A majority of residents who were slated to receive their stimulus check through direct bank credits have received theirs.

Residents of California who will get their stimulus check by mail will have to wait a little longer as paper mail gets delayed. They might have to stay put until January next year.

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The first batch of payments went out to people who have earned below $35,000 a year. The 2nd batch was through in July and gave coverage to every individual earning $75,000 or less a year.

There is no word as yet from the Golden State administration about the possibility of the third round of stimulus checks from the state. Governor Newsom had a contentious recall vote to contend with and was a visible backer of the 2nd round.

Governor Newsom Has Remained Silent On Further Stimulus Checks

Though he has easily overcome the recall, the Governor has desisted from making any public announcements regarding another round of stimulus checks. He neither supported it nor gave out any statements opposing it.

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Before they go public with another round of disbursements, lawmakers will want to assess the impact made by the previous rounds of stimulus checks.

A statement from the Governor’s office has stated that 712,000 jobs were created this year, which is more than any other state. It reiterated that getting Californians back to work remained the number one priority of the government and also support residents who were worst affected by the pandemic.

The unemployment rate had shot up to touch 16% during the initial phase of the pandemic in April last year. It has since fallen to 7.5% as 1,723,800 fresh jobs were created.

California has a better minimum wage at $14 per hour, while the hourly rate is around $19.

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