Can Stimulus Check 2 Be Expected By The End Of This Year?

Stimulus check
stimulus check

After bickering for many months, Congress is finally getting somewhere regarding the COVID-19 financial relief. Last week, the rescue plan of $908 million was proposed which was also supported by Nancy Pelosi the House Speaker.

The package includes money for small businesses, local and state governments, and an additional unemployment benefit of $300.But it didn’t include another round of stimulus check 2. Joe Biden and a Republican Senator along with most people have been demanding for stimulus check 2.

Seven months have passed since the distribution of the first stimulus payments. Americans are getting eager for stimulus check 2 with new layoffs and lockdowns in place.

Stimulus Check 2: The Difference It Can Make

A survey conducted by Templeton-Gallup found that 16% of people planned for spending more this year on gifts which increased to 22% in case of more relief payments. Meanwhile, 37% of people wanted to spend lesser in the holiday season which decreased to 30% in case the government provided stimulus check 2.

Another survey claimed that around 60% of people have spent their first stimulus payments for buying utilities and groceries. Some of the people have invested in the checks or bought life insurances which saw a surge this year due to the pandemic.

Joe Biden has indicated that another $1200 check might still happen this year. Pelosi and Chuck Schumer also indicated that the stimulus checks could still be included in the bill. If the checks get included, some Americans might receive cash by the end of this year.

In the meantime, what you can do to have cash in your hands and gather $1200 all by yourself before the New Year is to cut down your spending, tame your debt of credit cards, slow down the insurance costs, and refinance the mortgage.