Letitia Wright Deactivates Her Accounts Amidst Social Media Backlash

Letitia Wright
Letitia Wright

In this age, many celebrities express their opinions on various topics in social media using digital spaces. Their opinions often attract public criticisms which is what happened with the star of ‘Black Panther’, Letitia Wright.

Due to the controversy of her shared video regarding anti-vaccine news, she drew backlash which led her to delete all her accounts on social media. This video was posted on a YouTube channel called “On The Table”

Letitia Wright’s Image On Social Media Tarnished

On Friday, Wright shared a 69-minute video link on Twitter which also included an emoji of prayer hands. This caused her fans to criticize. She immediately deleted her Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Before deleting the accounts Wright gave another message on the social media platform Twitter, she explained her reason for posting the video and her intention to raise concerns regarding putting something in her own body. She also mentioned that it was never her intention to let anyone’s sentiments get hurt by this video.

In the original video, the legitimacy of the COVID-19 vaccine was questioned. The video contained transphobic remarks, skepticism regarding climate change, and accusations towards China for spreading the virus.YouTube removed it ever since.

Don Cheadle came to Letitia Wright’s support initially but after seeing the video, he denied defending the host of the video.

As we are moving through this global crisis, there has been news regarding the final testing and distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine which has drawn a lot of mixed responses. Many people call this a new measure and breakthrough in combating coronavirus while other people share the sentiments of the video.

Wright and her reps have declined to comment since she deleted her channels on social media and whether she will reactivate them in the future.