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Whatsapp Has Come Up With The Facility Of Disappearing Messages

In the month of November, Facebook had started the highly anticipated feature of Disappearing Messages to the popular social media platform of WhatsApp. The primary function of this was making the conversations feel more personal and protected.

Although this element was present in various apps in some form or the other, it was completely new and beneficial to WhatsApp.

Details About WhatsApp Disappearing Messages

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The Disappearing Messages in WhatsApp is the smartest addition to this app. After introducing the element, it eliminated all text messages after a span of 7 days.

With this ephemeral messaging feature, Facebook aims to offer an enhanced privacy level to the users. Disappearing Messages is applicable to both group and individual chats, albeit admin authorization.

You can enable this feature by tapping on a group name or individual chat on WhatsApp and going to the settings and options. Right there, you will find the option of Disappearing Messages and on selecting you will be provided with the details before you can turn it on.

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However, there are a few exceptions like if a user has not opened the app for 7 days, they can get a preview in their notification. Similarly, the reply to these ephemeral texts will remain even after the message disappears. If the text is forwarded, it will be active after disappearing. Finally, any backup of the text before its disappearance will remain despite the disappearance.

In the case of the shared media, there is a catch. Local storage in the device of users may save the ephemeral message if they have enabled auto-download on WhatsApp.

However, it is an amazing addition that definitely improves and adds a layer to the privacy factor.

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