Cardi B Gets Her First Face Tattoo

cardi b

Cardi B is sporting some recent facial tattoos. The “WAP” rapper may be seen having some artwork applied to her jawline in a Sunday Instagram video released by tattooist Robinson De Los Santos. In the video, Cardi hides her face as Santos writes red pen inscriptions on it.

Fans’ Reactions to Cardi B’s Face Tattoo were Mixed

Fans responded to the message in a variety of ways, with one writing, “OMG not a smart choice… I cherish Cardi. Trust me, B. Your beauty is not taken away by your face. Some people defended Cardi’s choice, commenting, “Her body her choice you all buggin and what she is doing does not even affect your daily life.”

Cardi’s new facial tattoo was visible in a selfie shared by a fan account, however, neither she nor Santos has provided a close-up image or explanation of the design.

Cardi B is revealing information about her new tattoos! The rapper recently went live on Instagram to show her new tattoos, which she acquired to show her unwavering love for her kids, Kulture and Wave, to her fans.

In the video that was uploaded on Twitter, the mother-of-two said, “I tattooed my son’s name because I adore him.”

Cardi B displayed her red cursive letter on her jawline to admirers in the little clip. Robinson De Los Santos, a tattoo artist, came up with the concept in August 2022.

I [also] inked my daughter’s name,” the pleased mother continued.

Cardi continued by revealing a tat of Kulture’s name that is located right above the curve of her elbow. The Bronx rapper said last summer that she was relieved she had not tattooed her face as a teenager, and in January, she tweeted that she was considering doing so.

She tweeted at the time, “Random but…I am 1% close to tatting my youngest son on my face.” “I want to do it so badly! On my jaw, please,” the celebrity tweeted.