Lady Gaga Disappointed Due To Cancellation Of Show

lady gaga
lady gaga

Lady Gaga was in Miami on Saturday to perform at a festival — but her show was abruptly postponed due to rain.

If you were a fan of Lady Gaga who attended her concert in Miami on Saturday, you may want to take it as a sign that your life is going well. For those who didn’t get to see the performance, however, it was a different story.

Gaga promised fans that if she had to cancel the show because of weather conditions like rain or lightning, they would get free tickets and meet-and-greets with other performers at an upcoming venue.

But when lightning struck outside the venue just before 8 p.m., causing a brief evacuation among attendees (including some celebrities), Gaga announced that she would continue with her performance — albeit indoors — despite concerns over crowds getting crushed by exiting people or waiting in long lines for security checks after being evacuated once already.

Lady Gaga Breaks Down As Show Gets Cancelled

The singer then took the stage around 8:30 p.m., where she played “Million Reasons” and “Bad Romance” before being booed offstage by fans who wanted their money back after having waited out most of their night in line only to be told there wouldn’t be any refunds given as promised earlier during ticket sales — even though they were able to leave early due to safety concerns related directly back into their own hands via an announcement made by staff members working at various booths throughout the venue’s multiple floors.”

“We are so sorry that we weren’t able to finish our set,” the “Bad Romance” singer said in an Instagram story that night. “I wanted to play for you all so bad. We will come back and make it up! Promise.”

The incident came just days after the pop star had been booed off stage during a performance at Lollapalooza Argentina because fans were upset by her use of political messages in her set. Lady Gaga later apologized on social media, saying she didn’t mean any disrespect with her use of politics during sets at music festivals and would keep them out of future performances as well.