Doja Cat Claims She Is Quitting Music After Feuding With Fans

doja cat
doja cat

After a total online meltdown with fans in Paraguay, Doja Cat has said she is quitting music for good. It sure seemed strongly possible following the 23-year-old singer’s multiple tweets this Thursday.

What caused Doja Cat to take this extreme step suddenly. It appeared to have begun when the Say So singer was scheduled to perform in Paraguay at the Asuncionico Festival this Tuesday. A storm and the ensuing floods led to the cancellation of the program. The cancellation was a freak natural incident and Doja Cat could not take the rap for that.

Fans Call Out Doja Cat For Making Them Feel ‘Empty’

But several fans got enraged that Doja Cat did not acknowledge the omission on Twitter. Fans in Paraguay got particularly upset as the Say So singer apparently had time to say sorry to fans at the Lollapalooza festival in Brazil because she felt it wasn’t a good show. She even promised to do better at the next show.

The fans at Paraguay were hurt at the slight and came out strong against Doja Cat. Some called out the singer for not posting a single photo of her stay in Paraguay. She was also called out for not posting a single story on Instagram or Twitter.

Some fans came out stronger in their attack on Doja Cat and said that the singer should have apologized promptly. They even went to the extent of branding her Paraguay’s ‘public enemy number one.’

Doja Cat reacted strongly to the criticism and refused to apologize. The issue quickly flared up on Twitter as a section of fans continued to attack Doja Cat. She only responded once, saying that she had moved on and would let people get mad at her.

She was furious enough to declare that she wouldn’t be taking pics with anyone after this. She finally slipped into profanities when a fan asked about her much-touted humility. She ended by saying that the s**t was not for her, and she was quitting. She changed her Twitter handle name to ‘I Quit.’

But sources close to her said that she was going ahead with her tour and was scheduled to perform in Brazil.