Cash Stuffing Led Woman To Open A Business

cash stuffing

 What is Cash Stuffing? It’s not rocket science. A woman named Jasmine Taylor stopped using her credit and debit cards instead she used cash only. Which led her to save a lot and paid off all her debts. She was in $70,000 deep debt. She perhaps used cash only to pay off her debts. She saved a lot which is now giving her a scope to open a 1 million dollar businesses. She is just 31 years old and living her life.

Cash Stuffing Helped Paying Off  Long Time Students loan

Jasmine Taylor from texas is a 31 years old woman. Who lost her job in 2021. She already has a $60,000 student loan and another $9,000 for medical expenses both on debit and credit cards. Perhaps she learned it from social media, and it was a hopeless try from her end. To her surprise, it actually worked out.

Many questioned exactly how this Cash Stuffing works. It is a simple process. For a start use cash only. Take the majority from your bank account and use it wisely.

Next, make a weekly budget for your spending.c

Furthermore, divide your cash into categories you would likely spend. For example, groceries, beauty supplies, maintenance, etc. Cut off luxury for a few months. Save more than you spend.

The aforementioned are the primary rules of Cash Stuffing. According to Jasmine Taylor if you really want to make it work. One needs to stay consistent with the process. Changes can be seen whiting a few weeks.

The Cash Stuffing was hard for her at the beginning, she had to hide money from herself as well. It could be hard for anyone who is an impulsive decision-maker. However, it definitely worth the try. This method changed her life. A major financial mistake led her to choose this path. She is alerting everyone so that not everyone has to learn it the hard way.