Cheemz, The Internet’s Shiba Inu, Loses Its Battle To Cancer


The owners of Cheemz, the most popular Shiba Inu on the Internet and the subject of thousands of memes, announced that their beloved dog had died after months of battling cancer. The canine, who died at the age of 12, had been struggling with pancreatic cancer over the last few months. The canine, whose real name is Balltze, is of the Shiba Inu breed.

The message that announced his passing, stated that he had fallen asleep on 8/18 in the morning during his last thoracentesis surgery. Originally the owners had tried to arrange for some chemotherapy or other ways of treatment, but it had soon become too late for the famous dog. In the message, the owners also asked people on the Internet to not be sad at his passing, but rather to remember all the amazing moments that the Shiba Inu had given them. 

Cheemz, Internet’s Favorite Dog, Passes Away

The message read that there was no need to be sad, for it was the Shiba Inu‘s mission, with his round face and adorable antics, to provide joy and fun to people around him- especially during the pandemic. His mission was now over. They further noted that their beloved Cheemz must be up in the sky, enjoying some amazing moments with those new friends. He would always be in their heart and would continue to provide joy to millions around the world. 

During Cheemz’s ailment, his website was used for selling merchandise. But after his passing, the money from the merchandise would be used to help other animals in need. His owner went on to thank everyone for contributing, stating that the money, as well as the brass pins, will be sent to local animal shelters and adoption homes. She believes it would have been what Cheemz wanted.