Cher Turns 77 And Still Looks Like A Goddess


Cher maybe 77 years old, but she doesn’t seem it. On her special day of May 20, the singer tweeted, “Ok, will anyone PLEASE tell me…..When Will I Feel OLD.” “This is utterly absurd. The legendary singer continued by asking, “WHAT THE DEAL WITH (numbers)?”

She wrote in her message, “I’m dyslexic & (numbers) Are hard 4 me.

Many of her followers congratulated the “Believe” singer on a happy birthday in reaction to her post.

Cher Is A Diva

Age is only a number, one supporter said. “We age less when you offer your heart, which I know you do. The age of the spirit is unknowable.

Someone else said, “Love you, Happy birthday, you’re the best. The best queen, diva, icon, and legend. Lots of love. Another Twitter user said, “Immortal.” Her birthday greeting was concluded with the straightforward phrase, “Got to go work out.” In January 2022, she previously let her followers in on her rigorous workout regimen.

She tweeted, “Just got up from, Abs, Zumba, Yoga, Wall Sits,” before announcing that the next day she had booked “Step Class, Yoga, Different Abs.”

At that moment, an admirer said, “Hey there, Phew! Just reading this tweet made me perspire and leave me feeling worn out. Cher has been occupied thus far in 2023, savoring her love affair with Alexander Edwards. She stepped out in March to make her red carpet-debut alongside rapper and music producer Edwards.

On “The Kelly Clarkson Show” in December 2022, Cher discussed their significant age difference.

On paper, it sounds kind of absurd, but in practice, Cher explained, “We get along great.” I don’t give men attributes they don’t deserve, but he’s fantastic. But he’s thoughtful and intelligent. He is extremely skilled, hilarious, and fairly attractive, in my opinion.