Child Tax Credit Brought To You By IRS

child tax credit

Tax season is indeed taxing. There is a higher possibility of getting confused. There are a bunch of tax rebates available at the moment. There is a chance you might be eligible for a child tax credit but because of so many applications and rules, you might miss you. Which you should not. They are paying an outstanding amount to families with children. If you have a child who is not an adult yet, can qualify for these taxes. Again if you are a taxpayer and a parent you must not have missed any taxes.

What Are The Requirements For Child Tax Credit?

Nothing unusual. If you are a parent applying for a child tax credit you must keep one primary thing in mind. Whether your child has a social security number. Which is valid under US law. That child is eligible for employment in the country.

Anyone from your family who you are responsible for is under 17 is eligible. It can be your stepdaughter and son, foster child, brother, or sister. They can’t provide even 1% of their living in the family. They live with you now. And have been living with you for a year at least to qualify. You have mentioned them in your tax returns as a dependent.

They must be a US citizen or national. If you are a parent and your annual income is less than $200,000. There is a possibility of your child is eligible for a child tax credit. This is also applicable for the couple filing jointly. Child Tax Credit worth $2000 per child under the age of five or less. From 6 to 17 years $3000 per child. You can claim these checks by listing your children’s names under the 1040 form. Before that, you need to qualify for schedule 8812 forms.